Friday, March 4, 2011

Sesiapa yang berminat nak sewakan kereta Persona untuk kegunaan Jelajah 1 Malaysia

Last call

Kepada pemilik Persona auto standard spec !!! Sesiapa yang berminat nak sewakan selama 14 hari untuk kegunaan Acara Lumba Basikal Jelajah 1 Malaysia sila berhubung segera..
Diperlukan pada 3/3 sehinga 17/3.Bayarannya sebanyak Rm 1200.Segala kerosakkan dijamin sepenuhnya oleh PROTON.017-6633392

Sila berurusan dengan bro. Nazir Ali 016-6155504

Jelajah 1 Malaysia 2011

Cycling fans! Jelajah 1 Malaysia 2011 will kick off this year from 8th Mac - 13th Mac 2011, this year the race will cover over 1000km across 4 states with team participation from locals and asian countries.

The race will involves 6 stage as follows:-

Stage 1 - 8th March
Kota Iskandar -> Bandar Penawar : 166.1KM

Stage 2 - 9th March
Bandar Penawar -> Kluang : 193.9KM

Stage 3 - 10th March
Kluang -> Kuala Rompin : 163.8KM

Stage 4 - 11th March
Kuala Rompin -> Pekan : 89.5KM

Stage 5 - 12th March
Pekan -> Bentong : 222.5KM

Stage 6 - 13th March
Batu Caves -> Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Nila : 175.2KM

There will be mini carnivals at all stages that will involves recreational and entertainment activities as well as exhibitions from various organisations and in additional to that, there will be 3 main carnivals that will run for 2 days at these locations:-

Kluang, Johor(Dewan Tunku Ibrahim Ismail)
9th -10th March

Pekan, Pahang(Dataran Pekan)
11th - 12th March

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan(USIM)
13th-14th March

If you live nearby, come on by with your camera or an umbrella support your favorite teams or join in the activities. Dont miss the heat! ^_^

Official website visit:

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