Saturday, March 12, 2011

Benefits of Consuming Swiftlets Birdnests

White edible birds' nest swiflets (Aerodramus Fucipagus) are the ones producing edible bird nest (EDN) which are made of the dried saliva of the swiftlets. EDN is a water soluble glycoprotein which is a mixture of protein and carbohydrate. Composition includes high ash content (2.5%), nitrogen (10.3%), carbohydrate (17.4%) with traces of phosphorus, asernate, sulphur and vitamin B1. Total protein (85%) with 0.3% fat. Other minerals include calcium, iron, 6% of 6 amino acids (amide, humin, arginine, cystine, histidine and lysine). Each 100g EDN contains energy value of 345 kilocalories.

Benefits of consuming EDN includes:

- Promote reproduction and rebird of human cells. Especially effective when consumed by children, elders, the sick and feeble.
- Restorative and remedial food by contributing medical benefits to lungs, stomach and kidneyneural systems.
- Improved body tolerance towards damages done by XRays and other radioactive reagents.
- Ladies - frequent consumption promotes fairer skins, staying young and radiant.
- Pregnant ladies - improve fetus immune function as well as mum's health after giving birth.
- Elders - clear pleghm, strengthening of lungs, kindneys and spleen as well as increase appetite.
- Children - enhancement of immune ability and protection against flu.
- Men - improve overall health and strength
- Treatment of Aid (based on recent studies in Hong Kong)

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