Friday, March 11, 2011

About Sexual Atraction

Why does a man seek the company of a woman? Because of vernalagnia as now when her agnuopiac belgard stimulates his brachycraspedoniac altocalciphilia, when her dishabilloerigesis arouses his bemascopia and ximelolagnia.
(Hahaha! For the word meanings you may consult uncle Google.Or for Malaysian visitor,wait until me translate this entry onto malay
Why else is a man attracted to a woman? Because of her callimazonian colpocoquette mazotropism enticing a man's callicolpian schizoscopia and his geneclexis when perceiving her coxinutant quatopygia. then he could be compelled to cingulomania when she is an active arctophilist, appreciating her callibombe callimammapygian, arcurate, obcordate quatopygia in her chorotripsic cordax.
Albeit she may be timotrudiac and typhlobasiac or even acedolagniac, she sings glorious laryngeal sounds, no catabank busker she, which arouse his melolagnia and cheiloproclitia to their mutually consequential philemalagnia and deep-throated catlaglottism. Her rubiginous tresses also excite his dormant tricoerethism.

What accounts for her response to his attraction to her? Her hemerotism and prenuptiophrenia when lucubrating. And his romantic anthorexia without agonophilia, his respectful abrophrenia, and protracted, paphian fawnicating of her protuberances. His thoughtful lagnodomnia, notwithstanding her haptepronia, his earlier request for pudent, discinctophiliac, lygerastical photographs.
Her response is furthered by her paneunia for recumbofavia, without necessarily being succubovalent, and even for orthostatic subagitation and amomaxia, proactively toward deupareuniac lagnolysis. Her hoyden joy from his philocalist gynotikolobomassophilia. Her pliant, concupiscent pompatus would consummate pruriently in incalescent coitalconatus, labially exuding, exuberate in succubovalent copulescence. His esperance to cherish his poplolly lovingly and his tentigo are reasons he seeks her comitive company in nullimita assignation for her ecdemolagnia.

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