Saturday, March 12, 2011

10 Reasons For Swiftlets Farming

1) Potential source of being a passive millionaire.
- Estimated priced per kg of unprocessed bird nest could easily fetch around RM3000 - RM5000. Usual yield from a 2 story birdhouse (20*70 feet) is around 2,800 nests (Maximum Optimum ) in every four months aka 8,400 nests/year (around 76 kg) or RM 342,000 per annum.

2) Generations Yield tru One Time Investments
Once build, the swiftlets house is there to stay up to generations to come. A successful swiftlets farm generally take up to five years to reach maximum occupancy.

3) Everlasting Traditional Food
The bird nests have been consumed from the Tang Dynasty in China around 618 - 907. From being luxury food for courtiers, their benefit has been known to all. Since the current economic expansion of China with its 1.3 population, the birdnests' demand would remain strong for generations to come.

4) Low Operation Costs
Once the bird house is done, only minimum electricity and water charge would be applicable.

5) Low professional qualifications for maintaining the birdhouse.
The owners need only to monitor the cycle of the swiftlets nesting, chicks flying independently before nests are harvested before selling. Even unprocessed bird nests have high value.

6) Investments Depending On Needs and Budgets
Owners are able to choose what type of investment they are willing to make either from 1 up to 5 storeys of birlhouses, either standalone, 1, 2 , 3.. even 5 storey birdhouses.. Costs differs for standalone farms from

7) Swiftlets are everywhere in Malaysia - therefore locations will be up to investors.

8) Can be operated either by sole proprieter, JVs, Coop etc

9) Part time job with multile fold passive income.
- Compared to daily 9 - 5 jobs, nest harvestings are done every quaterly. High return compared to time and investments done.

10) Endless ossibility to venture further downstream from raw bird nests, unprocessed pure bird nests, drinks, cosmetics etc.
Unprocessed Edible Bird Nest's Price (2008): RM3800 - RM4500/kg. Processed birds nests could reach triple time unprocessed nests.

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