Sunday, March 6, 2011

SENYAP @ Sangria, 20th Feb 2011

confident,sempoi yet thick with kedah mother tongue,the voc from 'mc feel' exudes the confidence of real performer.
Although just a novice reggae band, Dear Haidar performance manage to pull the crowd to the front row.The only band who seems to get lucky that night.

At 9pm Sangria seems to be a lil quite on Sunday night, although it was supposed to be a home night for most of us due to morning class for students or working day those who work,but instead we decided to lepak and support our friends who are performing at Music Addicted@Sangria, a small gig event,organised by Senyap the ultimate underground movement.

My expectation would just,ready to be suprised and perhaps to discover, among many lines up tonight, i am hoping there might be one or two potential bands that offer something different on stage.

The bands who were performing that night would be 'the overtime','box for letters','revellers','reaxi','dear haidar','the liberated'and 'mc feel'. Sitting not too far away from the stage i could just feel the heart thumping nervousness of the vocalist performing, the challenge of performing in somewhat moderate numbers of audience mostly consist of the other bands and their friends, a friendly atmosphere that should add up advantage to most of them when the crowds are mostly supportive friends and families unfortunately other than the band 'dear haidar' and 'mc feel' other bands were drown in their nervousness.

Its also fun an overwhelming to watch a novice band like 'box of letters' from klang that consist of few school kids or last year spm candidates to perform at such venue,providing them at least somewhat a platform to share their talents. Its quite a sight to see them performing with full passion with parents support, im sure they will polish up and improve their performance with a better songs in future.

Thumbs up for Senyap for offering a platform to the bands, giving them the require space to enable them to make that baby steps without such support,perhaps i wouldnt discover such a potential band like 'mc feel'.Hopefully more bands from various genre will have the similar opportunity in future.

One thing that i think they need to improve for future dates would be just to clarify the entrance require the visitor to make a minimal drink purhase of RM7(soft drink) to enter the venue. Cause honestly its rather annoying to have the entrance guard keep telling everyone to "dont forget to buy your drinks!" again and again. Just mention or simply have a cover charge note of RM7 on the flyer, at least those the audience esp those who are still studying at least can spare RM7 before coming to the venue.

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