Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swiftlet House Plan


For generations, swiftlets has been known to build their nest in caves in deep jungle. As time changes and their population booming, it is observed that these birds have ventured into old buildings. People are assuming that swiftlets prefers these buildings due to its mustiness and aged smell which is similar to the dark caves that had been their habitat for long.

However, due to continuing observations of swiftlets enthusiast, these attributes such as darkness, humidity, roving spaces that attract swiftlets can be applied in the building new bird houses to attract these birds to build their precious nests.


There are several type of constructing the swiftlets houses:

1) Converting Top Floors of Shop Buildings
- One of the most effective and cheaper ways of building swiftlet house, as the building has existed as well as the owner would be able to use the first floor to conduct his business dealings.
- One need to do relatively minor renovation in term of ensuring swiftlet roving inside the building as well as the plank design.
- Estimated cost as for 20' x 60'/20' x 70'/20'x80' building:-
i) 1 Floor = RM 40,000
ii) 2 Floors = RM 80,000
iii) 3 Floors = RM 120,000

2) Building Custom Made Swiftlets House
- Depending on how many floors the swiftlet house would eventually be, the estimated cost including construction as well as the inside nesting planks and the sound equipments (but excluding water and electricty) are as follow:-
i) 20' x 80' x 1 floor = RM 140,000
ii) 20' x 80' x 2 floors = RM 240,000
iii) 20' x 80' x 3 floors = RM 340,000
iv) 20' x 80' x 4 floors = RM 550,000
v) 20' x 80' x 5 floors = RM 650,000

The budget is for estimated purpose, some consultant might quote higher while some which may do it DIY style might eventually occur massive savings from the estimated consultant prices.

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