Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tsunami Melanda Lagi

Second wave arrived.Catch out a great price of your swiflet house audio system equipment.Call today to place an order. Mr.Pojie 017-6477528.Do not hesistated to ask us to consult you about your swiflet house requirement.

BGB Amplifier model AV 9550
RM 370

BGB Amplifier model AV 9528
RM 138

BGB Amplifier Model AV 9560
RM 318

MQ Sky Sound Tweeter 2"x5"

SB 120 Economy Tweeter
RM 1.20 per pcs

Horn Tweeter Round
NHP 2000 series tweeter
RM 43
Audax AX60

Audax AX 60 Tweeter
RM 5.80

Humidifier Taiwan
MISTRO Humidifier Generator
RM 368

TL3600 Top Cover
MISTRO Humidifier Generator Hose
RM 68

Digital Timer
SMART Digital Timer
RM 37
Temperature/Humidity Controller
Temperature & Humidity Controller
RM 368
Water Proof External Tweeter
Waterproof external tweeter
RM 38
Internal Tweeters
Motorola Sky Sound Tweeter
SB 120M SKY (3X3) RM 5.30
SB 140M SKY (21/2 X 5) RM 7.30

Auto Power Recovery
Auto Power Recovery System (For Single Phase Only)
RM 1380

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