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Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus or better known as Opick (born in Jember , East Java , March 16 1974 , age 37 years) is a creator of songs andsingers of religious ethnic Javanese nationality Indonesia .
His first album is Istighfar released in 2005 . The first month after its release, the album was able to print double platinum with sales of more than 300 thousand copies. In the album, Opick insert song titled "Tombo Ati" into his solo album. Previously, Opick enter the song into a compilation album "Tausiyah Dhikr and singers." Album "Istighfar" success in the marketplace, to penetrate more than 800 thousand copies and received five platinum awards as well. Because of its activities in Islamic songs, has been named as an ambassador Opick Islamic music group of singers by the ANN (nasheed institutions nationwide).
In 2006 a man who claimed to have had a band singing songs rock was released his second album titled "The Universe Bertasbih" (2006).The album contained ten tracks, including Taqwa, Irhamna, akdir, Evidently Heart, 25 Prophet, The Universe Bertasbih, Bismillah, One Missing, Open Eyes Open Hearts and Yes Messenger. As a hit song in the album are sung together destiny Joey Ayala . In addition to Melly, Opick also a duet with Wafiq Aziz , teens who excel as Qoriah international child best in the song "Yaa Rasul". There is also collaboration with the group nasyid Opick Five Pandavas in the song "Evidently Heart". August 2006, shortly after launching his second album, Opick released book entitled "Spiritual OpickOase In humming".

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