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Playful Kiss ...(Strictly For Married Couple Only)

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PLAYFUL KISSING IS MORE THAN A KISS, IT'S ABOUT MAKING KISSING FUN! Here are 25 playful kisses including playful French kissing. How many of these kisses have you tried so far?
Remember kissing when you were in high school, or college and you experimented with different props or methods to add to your kissing? Well, perhaps some of you think kissing it is immature now, but it really isn’t. One thing for sure kissing and playful kissing does depend on the mutual participation of your kissing partner. Some of these kisses are unique and different. All of these kisses are playful. Some people will love these playful kisses and others will not even try them. But if you and your playful kissing partner are willing to explore the art of playful kissing, you will find kissing is still a very exciting and fun playful experience. These playful kisses may not be something you want to introduce on a first date, but it is a way to see if you have a fun loving and exploring partner. So why don’t give these kisses a try. Pucker up and let the fun begin with a list of playful kissing.
The Playful Chocolate Kiss
This is best done with a smooth, creamy chocolate that melts easily in your mouth. Don’t use chocolate with nuts or crispies. You want the kiss to be sensual, not crunchy! Just take a bite and let chocolate do the work for you. Once it starts to melt, swirl your tongues together. Swallow a little. MMMMMM.....delicious. This is a very smooth and creamy kiss, but it can end up in places you don’t intend to and can be messy. But if you are up to savoring creamy chocolate and sensual kissing, try this pleasurable way sharing your lips, tongue, mouth and wherever else it ends up.
Cotton Candy Kiss
This is a very sweet kiss but the melting sensation of the cotton candy makes your mouth tingle with sweetness. Take a piece of cotton candy. Press it gently in your partners mouth. Lean in and start nibbling on it until you can push it into your partners mouth. Let it melt between your tongues. Start kissing and the sweet taste makes you crave for more........kissing or cotton candy? Or maybe both! It is sugar and spice and everything nice. It could be somewhat sticky if you use too much cotton candy, but you can enjoy using your tongue to remove any leftover sugar. Just keep licking and licking. This kiss may not be for everyone but it sure is a sweet surprise for those who partake.
How about a game of the Jolly Rancher Kiss?
Use any flavor of a Jolly Rancher, but any hard candy will do. Small pieces are better so if you break it into a few pieces, you can play several times! Place a piece of of the candy in your mouth. Have your partner place a piece in their mouth, but a different flavor. Now in this kissing game you will be using your tongue to see who can get other flavor from your partner while keeping your own. This is certainly different from the game of keep away you played as a kid. See if your partner is up to the challenge!
The Pop Rock Kiss
We were all curious about the craze over this candy! Well, when you tried it the sensation of those little pebbles exploding flavor crystals in your mouth was quite fun! Now, just think of double the fun when you and your partner each pour a few pebbles in your mouths and start to kiss. don’t have to wait to feel the excitement of the 4th of July. Let the fireworks begin!
Lollipop Kiss
Take a popular lollipop, cherry flavored works best. Start swirling your tongue around the candy until the flavor has spread on your tongue. Gently start to lick your partners lips. Lick the bottom lip, then the top. Go back to licking the lollipop. Share the candy with your partner. Put the lollipop between you and both start licking it. Take it away and start savoring each other’s lips and smack your lips together. Don’t forget to come up for air
Caramel Kiss
So by now you can see the trend of sweet kissing. Use your imagination! Use something sweet. Caramel is another sweet, creamy method of making that kiss enticing. Use caramel sauce that you use with ice cream. It is creamier and not chewy. The thick, creamy, caramel will start to melt like butter when both of your hot mouths suck on a teaspoon of it. Take a spoon of caramel and gently use your tongue to slowly lick the contents of the spoon. Now that you have the creamy substance in your mouth, share it with your partner by enveloping her mouth with yours. What a sweet, creamy kiss!
Strawberries and Cream
We couldn’t forget one of the all time favorites. Exchanging strawberries with whipping cream. This kissing can be very sensual. You never know where the cream might end up. Don’t count calories during this kiss. Indulge..... and enjoy the creamy sensational kissing session.

The Bubbly Drink Kiss
Again, use different variations here. Use sodas or even champagne. The more fizz, the better. When you are ready to kiss, sip some bubbly and keep some in your mouth. When your ready to kiss, then dribble some into your partners mouth. Not in a slobbering fashion, but a gentle release of the fluid from your mouth to your partners. Don’t forget to nibble each other’s lips and suck on each other’s tongues. You can have a lot if you do more sharing than actually drinking.
Kissing Kids Cute Cuddling
Had enough with the props? Then try different methods or positions for your kiss. These are just a few with simple variations. Want to try something new to excite that kiss, keep on reading.
Warning: Try only when your partner is willing to participate.
Nose Nuzzle Kiss.
Your nose has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. Kissing your partners nose could make their toes curl. Of course, an unwilling partner may hurl at the thought but we’re not talking about the weak, we’re talking about having fun and peaking the sensual feelings of different parts of your body. When you are both in the mood, don’t forget this sensitive area. Use common sense and don’t kiss there during a common cold!!
Lap Kiss
While your partner is laying with his/her head in your lap, lean over and kiss her/him. Your bottom lip will be on your partner's top lip and vise versa. You can even French kiss while in this position. This kiss is a playful kiss, and it can lead to much more.
The 911 Kiss
When kissing your partner you breath in each other’s air. Don’t do this too long since you could pass out. Don’t forget to blow.........out of course.
Tongue Suckers Kiss.
Insert your tongue into your partner’s mouth deeply. Have them suckle it back and forth. Start very slow at first then increase your tempo. You’ll find that this is very exciting and may create that gyrating feeling in other places of your body.
Take My Breath Away Kiss
In a hot moment - creates anticipation of further excitement. Barely touch your lips with your partner’s lips being slightly parted. Then take your partner’s breath away into your mouth. Then have your partner reciprocate. This can be a very teasing sort of kiss and builds up passion quickly.
Tongue Ring Kiss
If you and your partner have tongue rings, explore each other’s ring with each other’s tongue, but you could be headed for problems if they get entangled. So precaution should be used when twirling tongues. Also, many people don’t like kissing someone with a tongue piercing. So if you have one, be sure to let your partner know before the kiss. Most likely your partner already will know, but just be courteous and reap the rewards!
Underwater Kiss
While your swimming under water, have your partner take in extra air before going underway. When you start to kiss, release the extra air into your partners mouth. This will give you a few more seconds of kissing before rising back to the surface.
Moving in for the Kiss
More like a stalking game. Your kissing partner may be sitting on the bed, sofa or chair. You move in from behind and wrap your arms around your partner. Then you lean over and give the kiss. The kiss can be a quick kiss or multiply into a French kiss that expresses your love. This kiss is good for couples who have built somewhat of a trust between each other. A new partner may not get the right impression of your actions. So don’t start off on the wrong foot.
The Lucky Dog Kiss.
No, you are not going to kiss your dog, but this kiss may not be for everyone. Your going to gently lick your partner from the chin, over the nose and around the eyes. (NOT IN THE EYE!!!) Your partner’s face will be very moist. Don’t slobber, but use moisture as needed to explore your partner’s face like a dog licks and explores.
I Have Something For You Surprise Kiss
When your partner is lying down on a sofa, bed, or napping in a lounge chair, quietly approach your partner and place a small, very gentle kiss on their lips, then intensify the kiss until your partner opens their eyes and responds. What a great way to be woken up!!!
Vacuum Kissing
This is a playful kiss. While in an open-mouthed kiss, suck in deeply so you're sucking the air from your partner. Gently suck on their tongue and lips.
Butterfly Kissing
Also known as the flutter kiss. Imagine a butterfly wisping their featherweight wings in flight. Press your smooth cheeks against those of your partner and flutter your eyelashes against them. Then use your tongue in the same fashion, fluttering it inside your partners mouth.
Breaking the Ice Kiss
Pass an ice cube back and forth in mouth while French kissing. You can also kiss other parts of the body. It fun. Coke and a great way to warn up your partner.
Blow me a Kiss
Start kissing your partner and then gently lick their lips with just the tip of your tongue. Then blow on the place you just moistened. This will cause a very tingling feeling that will intensify with the air that you just blew. This is a good practice for some other very private kissing you might do later on.
The Neck Kiss
This is great way to make your kissing partner’s toes curl. Give light kisses on the back of the neck and down the front of the neck. The neck is very sensitive and a good source for pleasure sensors. There are so many ways to kiss your partner’s neck. Use any of the techniques that you might use on your partner’s mouth. By kissing the neck, it shows your partner that you are also attentive to other parts of their body and their pleasure zones. No matter what you do, always remember that kissing is not only a great way to get things started but it also helps to maintain an enduring relationship.
Marathon Kiss
Are you in the competitive spirit? Get the time out! See how long you can kiss without stopping. What a great way to have a make-out session.
The Hickey Kiss
Yes, those sucking kisses that cause those marks where you kissed. Yup, it is called a "hickey". Be sure that your partner doesn’t have an interview or important appointment the next day. Hickeys are a fun way to show you’ve been kissed and had a lot of fun doing it. But, there’s a warning, this kind of kissing should not be done if a person has a problem with bleeding or bruises very easy. By the way, the marks usually go away in a few days.
Okay, now it’s time for you to explore!
As you can see the kinds of kisses listed only touch a small portion of the numerous ways that you can kiss. Just have fun and find that special someone who will reciprocate. Enjoy the passion that the two of you can make. Hey, write back and tell us what your favorite kiss is! We just might add it to this list.
After reading this informative playful kissing site, we hope you will use one of the many dating sites listed here and find that special person! Wow, then you can use the Wedding Day Kiss.......Now that is a kiss!

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