Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Notice For Recall Swiflet Location Test Unit Model Nippon 1122 From Market

Swiflet location Test Unit Model Nippon 1122 which has been on market for the first batch by last week has been conduct 48 hour in house testing before released to the market and has been distributed to 28 customer ordering online and 14 customer buying walk-in.Howeever we had received several complaint regarding the above said product and we had view it seriously.
By that,in this notice we urged for all customer that already buying the product to volounterily return back to been replaced by previous model of Swiflet Location Test Unit Model WST 3258 (pic above).The distribution of the Swiflet Location Test Unit model Nippon 1122 will be banned until we get a clearance from the factory & supplier regarding the complained matter.
Thank You.
Aerodramus Fuciphagas

We seriously appologize for this matter.Should you have any inquiry,do not hesitated to contact us.

With regards,

Ilham Nurul Resources

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