Thursday, January 20, 2011

Topless Photos Of Selena Gomez Up For Grabs

Innocent till proven guilty
Innocent till proven guilty
Oh no, what's the world coming to? If reports are to be believed, the seemingly sweet Selena Gomez isn't so innocent after all.
Rumours are rife that topless photos of Selena Gomez are being offered to media outlets with the highest bids.
Gossip blog Hollyscoop claimed that they were approached with topless photos of theA Year Without Rain singer but because they couldn't determine whether she was under 18 at the time the photos (snapped with a handphone) were taken, they would not publish them.
According to Hollyscoop, the photos of Selena were "taken by someone else" inside a bathroom and she's posing in front of a closed door. The singer had shorter hair in the photos. So far, Selena's reps have not responded to these allegations.

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