Sunday, December 12, 2010

How To Save Marriage After Cheating - How To Get My Wife To Forgive Me (3 Practical Action Steps)

By now, you know that one thing you need to know about how to save marriage after cheating, is to figure out how to get your wife to forgive you. This article shares 3 practical action steps of this process ('plus' what to do when it seems like she'll never forgive you). Be sure to read on and discover a surprising approach to seeking forgiveness from your wife...
Step 1. Practice Being Completely Transparent
Do you want your wife to start trusting you again? If so, then you need to practice being completely transparent. This includes sharing with her:
- Who you spend your time with
- What you spend money on
- Where you go
- When you will be home
- Honest answers to her questions [Please note: So far, if talking about the affair has only made things worse, I suggest you try a proven step-by-step 'how to survive an affair' system that thousands of couples have used to learn how to discuss the affair and save their marriage after cheating (link below).]
Three simple things you can do is
(1) share your schedules with each other
(2) call her frequently during breaks at work
(3) call her before leaving work to let her know what time you will arrive home
Getting your wife to forgive you is a process. This takes us to step 2...
Step 2. Be Patient. Focus On The Progress You've Made In Improving Your Relationship.
Your wife has been betrayed by the most trusted person in her life. Her entire universe has been turned upside down. Just imagine being in her position right now... Wouldn't you need some time to heal?
Whenever you hit a roadblock, or you feel like your wife may never forgive you, remind yourself of the progress you've made. You've made it this far... and if you invest time and energy DAILY into improving your marriage (learning how to communicate better, etc), things have no choice but to get better.
Remember, just like everything else in life, some days are better than others, and that's okay.
Over time, you'll discover that if your wife lashes out at you, it's only because she's hurting inside. So, even though it isn't easy, do your best and proceed to this next step...
Step 3. Keep Reassuring Your Wife That You Will Be There For Her
Deep inside, your wife knows that her negative emotions are extremely unattractive to you. So, as she's going through the process of working towards trying to forgive you (behaving irrationally at times), she's actually terrified that you will leave her. By reassuring your wife that you will continue to be there for her, you can show her that you're willing to stick with her through the tough times. This will also help her feel more confident about you, your relationship, and hopefully start rebuilding trust in your marriage again.
Even though I've shared 3 practical action steps to help you to get your wife to forgive you, if you're truly serious about saving your marriage after cheating, I highly encourage you follow a proven step-by-step system on 'How to Survive an Affair', so you can get to the heart of the problem instead of only trying to solve the 'symptoms' caused by the affair

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