Monday, December 13, 2010

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Voice cast
: Diana Kaarina, Adrian Petriw, Tabitha St Germain, Patricia Drake
Running time: 78 minutes

Not being a fan of Barbie, I expected to not like this movie. After all, Barbie has become so big and so commercialised that you would think she's only in it for the profit and not to educate children or instil good values in them.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this and found that 10 minutes into the movie I was not dreading it.

The story starts off with Barbie, the actress, being thrown out of the movie she's acting in just because she disagreed with the director when he chose to throw in zombie peas and such weird things.

She naturally gets bad press for it.

To make things worse, Barbie gets a voice message from Ken – the message says that he's breaking up with her.

Heartbroken and forlorn, Barbie decides to go to Paris where her Aunt Millicent has a fashion house.

Arriving in Paris, Barbie discovers her aunt has sold the fashion house and is planning to take up a new hobby to pass her time. The fashion house is just having one last show and sale.

Across the street is a competing fashion house that's obviously happy that Millicent is closing shop.

Meanwhile, Ken is puzzled as to what's going on and why he can't get Barbie on the phone. When he finds out what happened – that another girl tricked him into recording his voice and left it as a breakup call – he flies off to Paris to tell Barbie what really happened.

While Millicent is off exploring new hobbies to take up, her assistant Delphine shows Barbie one of her designs.

The two girls find a magical cupboard which adds glitter and the wow factor to good designs.

They find out that the source of the magic is the flairies. Yup, not fairies because they don't have wings. Instead they have flair – hence, flairies!

Meet the flairies – Glim'r, Shim'r and Shyn'e.

Together, the two girls and three flairies try to come up with a line of designs to sell so that they can buy back Millicent's fashion house.

However, across the street Jacqueline and her assistant plot to steal the flairies to force them to add magic to their own designs.

Will Barbie and Delphine save the fashion house?

I kind of liked it, despite it being a Barbie movie. Girls will surely like it – with the fashion and flairies. If you have little girls, then get this movie. Otherwise, no point. Only little girls (in their pink, princess and fairy phase) will enjoy this movie. It does have some values to instil – don't give up, work and have an ambition, and even teamwork.

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