Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andy Lau Admited He Was Gay

Felix Wong probably said something he shouldn't have.

A few days ago, the actor made a shocking revelation at the Fun with Liza and Gods Longest Concert.

He reminisced his past with the Five Tiger Generals of TVB, made up of him, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Michael Miu and Kent Tong, talking about a time when he thought Andy Lau and friend Danny Poon were gays.

Andy Lau, who did not have any rumours then, was often seen with Danny and their inseparability later caused Felix Wong to misunderstand the pair's relationship.

The Hong Kong media started digging Andy Lau and Danny Poon's past unusual relationship as soon as the words left Felix's mouth.

47-year-old Danny Poon reportedly knew Andy Lau before the latter met his wife.

They shared a close relationship and had lived together for a period of time.

Later, as Andy slowly gained recognition, he met Carol and the three of them even went out together frequently.

However, Danny and Carol never had any exchanges with each other.

In 1998, Danny Poon 'went missing' suddenly, breaking all contact with Andy Lau.

Now a real estate broker, Danny refused to talk about his past relationship with the famous singer, stating that he was not interested in the affairs of his ex-friend.

Andy Lau did not mention about Danny in an interview which he did a few days ago. Instead, the singer-actor recalled a deep friendship he shared with the late Anita Mui.

Andy said rumours of Anita's crush on him caused his friend distress and admitted that they knew about each other's relationship history. Each would also serve as the other's adviser-in-love.

Andy added that he felt disheartened and lost when he hid his marriage from the public.

The singer, who is famous for being good to his fans, felt guilty when he saw his fans hurt because of the reports and later, walked out of the gloomy days.

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