Thursday, May 5, 2011

Promotion Catalog For May 2011

01 May 2011 -31 May 2011

Peralatan Audio Rumah Burung Walet

BGB Amplifier model AV 9550
RM 350

BGB Amplifier AV 9528
RM 128

BGB Amplifier AV 9560
RM 298
MQ Sky Sound Tweeter 2"x5"
SB 120M Tweeter (Economy Tweeter without condensor)
RM 1.00
Horn Tweeter Round
NHP 2000 series tweeter
RM 35
Audax AX60
Audax AX 60/61 Tweeter
RM 4.80
Humidifier Taiwan
DZ 3600/DZ3700 MISTRO Humidifier Generator Pump
RM 336
TL3600 Top Cover
MISTRO Humidifier Generator Hose
RM 50
Digital Timer
SMART Digital Timer
RM 34
Temperature/Humidity Controller
Temperature & Humidity Controller
RM 350
Water Proof External Tweeter
Waterproofed External Horn Tweeter
RM 38
Internal Tweeters
Motorola Sky Sound Tweeter
SB 120M SKY (3X3) RM 4.80
SB 140M SKY (21/2 X 5) RM 6.80

Auto Power Recovery
Auto Power Recovery System (For Single Phase Only)
RM 1380

Aerodramus Fuciphagas

Alat Uji Lokasi Walet 1122
RM 599


Ceramic Discount Mug CP703tm

Ceramic Discount Mug CP702tm

Ceramic Discount Mug CP704tm

50-100 RM 7.00 per unit
101-1000 RM 6.00 per unit
1001-3000 RM 5.00 per unit
3001-5000 RM 4.00 per unit

Peralatan PA Sistem

BMG MX 1202F 12 Channel Mixer

Ultra low noise 8 Channel Mic/Line, digital effect stereo powered Mixer.
12 Mono input channels with gold plated XLRs, and balanced line inputs and +48V phantom power.
Ultra-musical 3-band EQ + FREQ on all channels and 2×7 band EQ on all main output.
Peak LEDs on all Mono Channels.
2 Aux Send per channel for external effects and monitoring.
Highly accurate 10 segment Bargraph Meters.
Digital delay (DSP 32BIT) of the effect system inside.
2-Track input assignable to master mix, stereo headphone output.
1 Main (line) output and 1 Group output.
Rugged design power supply (120V or 220/230V) ensures superior signal integrity.
Suitable For Recording Studio,Outdoor Use.
RM 1299

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