Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Nur Kasih' hits cinemas

When a few entertainment journalists generated a boycott on Remy Ishak recently over something he said, the actor was left baffled and confused. The incident happened after Remy said something along the line, "entertainment reporters do not do their homework." And the next thing Remy know, he was on the boycott list.
"It was all a miscommunication and I never expected things would turn out this way. I had no intention to incur the wrath of the reporters. I am sure I can explain myself if only I'm given the chance," said Remy after the preview of Nur Kasih The Movie at KLCC recently.
According to Remy, he has always enjoyed a good rapport with most entertainment journalists but somehow this time around, he was a bit unlucky when the two female journalists miscontrued what he said.
"I've made a public apology and I want to say it again that I am very sorry for what had happened. Im very humbled by the incident and I promise it will never happen again," said the Malacca-born who earned his popularity through the TV3 series, Nur Kasih, directed by Kabir Bhatia in 2009.
Remy who was first introduced by indie film director Osman Ali in 2006, hope to put the sad episode behind him and move on. He will be busy making promotion rounds of Nur Kasih The Movie which will hit the cinemas on May 19.
"Nur Kasih The Movie should please a lot of cinema goers and fan ofNur Kasih the TV series s it has a lot of winning elements.
There is a few twists here and there but basically it is family-oriented movie," said Remy whose real name is Zalimei Mohammad Bin Ishak.
The 32-year-old actor, who is reputed to enjoy a fling with the leading actress of the movie, Tiz Zaqyah, described Nur Kasih The Movie as "the best thing that ever happened to his acting career so far."
"As for Tiz (pictured above), we are as close as any good friends can be. We are always photographed together because we are invited to the same function. I can't predict what the future holds for us but I dont deny we enjoy a good chemistry on and off screen. Only God knows what happens next," said the actor who used to work as a bell boy at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel before finding his way to be an actor.
In fact, many would be surprised to know this handsome hunk who is dubbed as the answer to 'Malayasian Hero' had done many odd jobs before he got the first taste of the glamour world.
His resume mentioned that Remy was just a simple village boy who used to be a fishmonger, rubber tapper, a labourer doing landscape planting trees and building bridges and a waiter at a 5-star hotel. Remy, however, took the bold way out by leaving his family to start a challenging life in Kuala Lumpur when he was 18.
However, a prominent part in the movie, Anak Halal in 2007 changed Remy's destiny and soon he became the new heart throb of the Malay movie world.
For Remy who has acted in movies like Anak Halal, Evolusi KL Drift 2and Cun, fame has given him more than what he bargained for.
"Im happy with fame comes money and job offers but the gossips are really killing me," said the actor who has been linked with several secelbrities like Ummi Nazeera, Maya Karin and the latest is Tiz Zaqyah.

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