Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Teenage Girl Was Killed,Roasted And Eaten.

A teenager girl was killed and eaten by the two young men.Before murdered, they raped her first.Barduchyan Karina, 16 years old, said to be missing after coming home from school in St. Petersburg. Police believe she was murdered and chopped at night. Body parts found her possessionin a number of plastic bags thrown about town.Two plastic bags were found in two different places.Two 19-year-old youth has been arrested for this incident.

Karina meet the killer, Yuri Mozhnov florist and Maxim Golovatskikh butchers in the market. Karina appealed to them to the apartment where he later embed them into the bath tub.The Duo are says to eating her meat because of she are famine victims.

The two young men killed Karina, then cut up parts to choose which one will be eaten! Then, the body that were selected are baked with potatoes and they them without feeling guilty. Both now have been arrested on charges of murder.

SURVEY said they decided to kill Karina after she argued with Golovatskikh. Blood spots found in tap water and floor apartment.Golovatskikh itself has a history of mental illness and had been treated in psychiatric hospitals.

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