Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Does Surround Sound Work

Sound All Around
Surround-sound audio requires more than just two speakers to get it right. Several speakers are placed in various areas of a room to achieve a fully rounded sound quality. The audio connector is split so that multiple connections can be made easily.
Left and Right Audio
As in most stereo televisions, there should be a speaker to the left of the screen and another to the right, picking up sounds from the corresponding parts of the screen. The left and right speakers pick up the most common and best-defined sounds from the audio track, splitting them perfectly in half so you hear the action coming from two locations at once.
Third Speaker
Unlike most stereo speaker systems, in surround sound you have a third speaker in-between the left and right speakers. This speaker gives you the dialogue and sound effects that are featured front and center on the screen, the prominent features of the broadcast or video. This makes it seem as though you are hearing everything from left, right and center equally powerfully.
Background Speakers
You will hear whatever is going on in the background of the movie or television show from the speakers positioned behind you. This makes it seem like you are right in the center of all the action, almost as if you are starring in the feature yourself. If a sound enters the screen from the distance, you will hear it behind you first. As it passes by, you will hear it more toward the front speakers. For example, a jet passing overhead really sounds like a jet passing overhead.

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